Welcome to Walmart GrocerySM!

Introducing our new pickup and delivery service

Walmart Grocery is our new pickup and delivery service. Take advantage of Walmart’s Everyday Low Prices on a huge assortment of groceries and more and save time by shopping online. Simply place an order online at, choose a timeslot, and your order will be loaded directly into your car at your local Walmart, or in some markets, you can have your order delivered right to your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Walmart Grocery

Where is your service available?

Find out if Walmart Grocery is available in your neighborhood by entering your zip code on our home page. If we haven’t reached your area yet, enter your email address and we will notify you when we are coming!

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How fast can I get my order?

You can get your order as fast as same day. We offer 2- to 4-hour windows for both pickup and delivery.

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How much does it cost?

  • The delivery fee varies, and is based on the time slot you book. The delivery fee for your individual order is shown at checkout.
  • Pickup is free!
  • We are committed to Everyday Low Prices. We do not charge any monthly or annual subscription fees for this service. We also do not charge any markups on our items.
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What are your hours of operation?

Walmart Grocery is open from 7 AM to 11 PM every day. On holidays, our hours are subject to store holiday hours. You can view available times in the shopping cart.

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Do you offer services to businesses?

Yes. We offer everything you’ll find on the site, including our bulk assortment. To ensure maximum product availability, please place large orders 7-10 business days in advance. For more information about getting set up as a business or account questions, email Our dedicated team is happy to help.

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I’m a blogger and would love to work with Walmart Grocery.

We’d love for you to join our community of bloggers and vloggers! To become a Walmart Grocery Influencer, email us at Once we’ve confirmed your selection, you’ll receive an email on how to get started. You’ll then be eligible for exclusive offers and giveaways.

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Can I refer friends to the service?

Yes, you will be rewarded for up to 10 new user (friend) referrals per year! After your 10 new user referrals are complete, you are no longer eligible for additional referral credits. You can still share your link and your friends will receive a $10 credit, so long as they are a first time user of the service. As an advocate/referrer, you will receive your reward within 48 hours of your friend’s completed order. Remember, you and your friend will only get the credit if they use your personalized link that you create on!

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Shopping and Ordering

Finding what you want

We offer a few different ways you can shop Walmart Grocery.

  1. Find a specific item: Use the Search box above.
  2. Browse the aisles:  Use the navigation above to go through the department aisles and pick out your favorite products.
  3. Reorder past items: If you’ve placed an order with us before, click the Favorites link at the top of the page or use the link in My Account. You’ll see all the items you’ve purchased before listed in Favorites, and you can quickly add the ones you want to your cart.

Learn more about the Favorites page here:

After you sign in, the items you see when you browse are the items available for the store in your area that will fill your order. If you don’t see a product you want, please remember to check - where we have an expanded assortment of products at great low prices, ready to be shipped to you.

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Placing an order / Creating an Account

To place an order:

  1. Create an account or sign in to an existing account. If you already have a account you can use the same email address and password to sign in to And if you create a new account here, you can use the same sign in information at
  2. Choose a date and time. You can do this before you start to shop to make sure you get the time slot you want, or you can wait until you’re ready to place an order. You can book a timeslot up to three weeks in advance.
  3. Pay for your order with a credit card. We cannot accept cash, gift cards or other forms of payment at this time.
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Minimum order total

Your shopping cart will show you the minimum order total you need to reach to qualify for our grocery service.

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Using a Promo Code

You can add a promo code directly in checkout. After you enter your payment information, simply enter the 8 digit promo code and click “Apply.” If you have promo codes saved on your account, click “Select an offer” to add them to your current order.

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Canceling/changing an order or timeslot

With some exceptions, you can add or remove items or change the time/date for your order until the day before your scheduled delivery/pickup. If you sign in to your account and go to My Orders, you can see the exact cutoff time for submitting changes. You can also cancel an order from My Orders prior to the cutoff time.

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Walmart Grocery Item Pricing Policy

We strive to offer you the lowest prices we can, no matter how you shop. So when you order from Walmart Grocery, you’re guaranteed the same low prices for your items on Walmart Grocery as you would get if you shopped in the store that picks and packs them.

If an item’s price changes between the time you place your order and the day your order is packed, we will charge you the lower price automatically. If you have chosen to allow substitutions for your order and substitutions are made, you will also be charged for the lower priced item.

Please note that due to differences in distribution, regional competition and other factors, prices may vary between stores, and so the prices you see online will not match all stores, only the store where your order is packed.

Walmart Grocery does not match prices from other online or physical stores, or Walmart stores other than the one where your items are picked and packed.

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Can I pay with a Walmart Gift Card?

No, we do not accept Walmart Gift Cards or eGift Cards at this time. Payment must be made by credit card.

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What if there’s a problem with authorizing my payment?

If your timeslot is before 3 PM, payment issues must be resolved before your chosen time slot begins to avoid delay or cancellation. If your timeslot is after 3 PM, payment issues must be resolved by 3 PM or the order will be cancelled. We will contact you right away to try to resolve the payment issue and get your order on its way.

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What is the authorization hold on my credit/debit card after I ordered?

An authorization hold is placed on your credit or debit card each time you place an order. This authorization hold confirms the card is valid. The hold should be released within 3 to 5 business days. You will not be charged for canceled orders, but the authorization holds for those orders may still take 3 to 5 days to be released. The length of the hold is determined by the bank or other financial institution that issued your card.

For additional information, please contact your financial institution or card provider.

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Can I recycle or reuse the grocery bags? Is there a charge for bags?

We load your groceries into your car using plastic bags. In areas where local ordinances prevent us from using plastic bags, you can choose to have your order provided without bags or have it ready in paper bags, which may incur a bag fee depending on the local ordinance (charges may apply depending on the local ordinance in effect). If you opt to have your order prepared in bags, you may reuse or recycle them however you like.

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Can I purchase alcohol?

Alcohol products (beer, wine, and/or spirits) may not be available for pickup and/or delivery at certain times and store locations. This availability is limited to ensure compliance with all local, county, and/or state regulations.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited. At delivery or pickup, you must show a valid photo ID and provide a signature confirming that you are age 21 or over.

  • Accepted forms of ID are: Driver’s Licenses, State-issued Identification Cards, U.S. Passports, Military Identification Cards, U.S. Immigration Cards, Tribal IDs in specific states, or other similar government issued ID’s that are recognized with the state.
  • Associates will not deliver to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
  • No discounts, coupons or tax-exempt sales may be applied to alcohol.
  • An order of alcohol totaling 20 gallons or more will not be allowed.
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Delivery (available in select markets only)

When is Delivery coming to my area?

We are always looking at new markets to expand into. Currently delivery is only available to a few select markets.

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Does someone have to be home for the delivery?

Yes. There must be someone over the age of 18 to receive an order. If the order contains alcohol, the recipient must be 21 or older.

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What if I miss my delivery?

If you miss an order delivery, we will leave you a notice with contact information to arrange another time for delivery. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee for missed deliveries.

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Will you come up to my door if I live in a multi-unit building, or do I have to meet you downstairs?

We will deliver your order right to your door. You can specify delivery instructions when you place your order to let us know if we need to call, buzz or do anything else to let you know your order has arrived.

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Do I need to tip the delivery employee?

No. Tips cannot be accepted, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome. Please complete the post-order survey to let us know about your experience and help us make your next order better!

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Do I have to accept substitutions?

Learn how substitutions work here:

We will make substitutions for items that are unavailable on the day your order is packed unless you change your substitutions setting in My Account. In cases of expensive items such as electronics or items where features are very important, we will contact you by phone to describe alternatives and get your approval before we substitute that item. If we are unable to contact you, the unavailable item will be canceled.

If you choose not to allow substitutions, any items that are not available will be left off of your order.

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What if my delivery is late?

We strive to meet our promise to our customers 100% of the time, but if for any reason we have not met your expectations, please contact customer care for assistance. If your delivery hasn’t arrived within your timeslot, our customer care representatives will do everything they can to track it down for you.

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Pickup (available in select markets only)

What if I miss my pickup window?

If you do not pick up your order, we will contact you to reschedule your pickup or cancel your order. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee for missed orders.

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Where do I pick up my order?

Your pickup location will be listed in your order confirmation email.

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How do I pick up my order?

See this video for a quick guide to pickup:

How to pick up:

  1. On the pickup date, we’ll call alerting you that your order is ready for pickup. Tip: for even faster service, call us back 10 minutes before you arrive.
  2. At your pickup location, look for the Walmart Grocery reserved pickup area.
    • Kiosks - if your pickup location has kiosks, enter your order details in the kiosk and pull into the parking spot.
    • Pickup Areas - if your location doesn’t have kiosks, simply pull into the reserved pickup area and call the number in your “Ready for Pickup” email to let us know you have arrived.
  3. Sign for your order and you’re ready to go.
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Do I need to tip the associate who loads my order?

No. Tips cannot be accepted, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome. Please complete the post-order survey to let us know about your experience and help us make your next order better!

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What if you bring me the wrong item, or if I’m not happy with my order?

You can return any wrong or unacceptable item directly to the person delivering your order either at delivery or the pickup location. If you discover a problem after you receive your order, you can call our customer care team at 1-800-924-9206. You can also return items to any Walmart store. Just take your receipt so they know you are a Walmart Grocery customer.

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Our Freshness Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with a product you receive through Walmart Grocery, simply call Customer Care for a refund. You may also return it to a local Walmart store - just bring in your delivery receipt.

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Contact Us

Customer Care

We strive to meet our promise to our customers 100% of the time, but if for any reason we have not met your expectations, please contact customer care for assistance.

Call us: 1-800-924-9206
Email us